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Depressions got a hold on me

i think i realize now why i gave the shit up. the shock of a bullshit mundane lifestyle that's not given to me but shoved down my throat and up my ass at the same time. what may be expected of me? what the fuck to you expect? well it better be that after awhile even fucking someone in the ass with whatever strikes your fancy will get boring, and it'll be time to walk away and find something else disgusting to keep you entertained.
well i'd give you some advice, but you wouldn't understand.

it happened. i kept myself busy the entire busride with a very mundane and involved game of tetris. well, i shut it down and the world fell in.
oh i wish you'd put on that apron you used to wear and cook me up some pasta.

more cigarettes and liquor i want

i want at least 25 million after taxes and i'm sick of waiting

or just feeling able to dance or run or swim

or sleep comfortably again
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