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My brother and his crew came back from Europe with gifts!

How exciting are the filtered Lucky Strikes!?! The unofficial word on Lucky Strike Filters in the US is that they've been discontinued. About a year after stores stopped stocking them I received a letter from RJ Reynolds in the mail. It was on Lucky Strike letterhead and went on about how my brand was been discontinued. Apparently, RJ Reynolds bought out Brown & Williamson, discontinued production of their Lucky Strike filters, then sent letters to all of thier known smokers encouraging us to try Camel filters.
After a year of not being able to buy my favorite cigarettes, I'm finally informed that they've been discontinued? What's the use of that?

Also brought me a few bad looking French Horror DVDs:

I can't wait to check these out. Of course I have to convert them over to NTSC(0) in order to watch them, but they're new free movies! Then it looks like they're US movies dubbed to French with no subtitles... Oh well. Been meaning to pick up the language.

Parents stopped by today unexpectedly. I'd just woken up and was slightly hungover, jittery and smelly. Haven't done anything today except sit in front of the computer and TV. I watched "Class of 1999", which I hadn't seen in years.
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